Just in case you guys needed a reminder, today is the big day for AT&T and Sprint users who are excited to get their hands on the new Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear from Samsung. Here are the particulars for each company and a source link:

AT&T = Galaxy Note 3 = $299 on a standard two-year plan, or if you're buying outright it's $724.99. Galaxy Gear in lime green, jet black, wild orange, rose gold or oatmeal beige colors for $299.

Sprint = Sprint's Galaxy Note 3 will be $249.99 on-contract. This is $100 bucks cheaper than initially reported but it includes a $100 discount for opening a new line. This means that folks renewing will likely have to pay a $100 dollar premium for the device at a total of $349.99. The off contract price is $699.99. It doesn't look like Sprint has the Galaxy Gear up on their online store just yet, but retail stores should have it for $299.

Verizon will be up next, but not until next Thursday, the 10th. We will advise you at that time. Sound off in the thread after you get yours!