Here's a strange way to hedge your bets. Best Buy is offering both the new iPhone 5C and the Samsung Galaxy S4 at a $50 dollar discount right now. This amounts to a 50% discount for the iPhone 5C, bringing it to just $49.99 on a new contract. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is normally $199.99, so this discount brings it down to $149.99. We couldn't confirm these discounts on Best Buy's website, but it was reported by ABCNews so it is likely legit. It's possible this is an in-store only offer, or that it simply hasn't shown up on their website just yet.

It's rather odd to see a retailer offer two directly competing products at the same discount, but it actually makes a great deal of sense if you are a third party retailer. This way you entice fans of either company. Well played Best Buy!

Source: ABCNews