LG may have fired the first shot in the flexible display world, but frequently it's the more potent/accurate shot the counts the most. In this instance, Samsung has countered with their own announcement of flexible display technology, but theirs is not only thinner and lighter, it is also likely coming sooner. According to the latest reports, Samsung has officially confirmed their own flexible screens are also entering mass production; however, Samsung's seems to be much more refined than LG's. Samsung's plastic displays will measure only 0.12 millimeters thick, and weigh only 5.2 grams. Compared to the LG display thickness (at 0.44 millimeters thick and 7.2 grams), Samsung has them beat by an order of about three times in thinness and half the weight. Additionally, LG’s flexible panel can be bent around a circle of a 700 millimeters radius, while Samsung’s has a 400 millimeters bend radius, making Samsung's display more flexible as well (smaller is better in this instance).

Samsung's new flex tech will be used in a 5.7-inch display size initially, and Samsung can potentially ramp up production to about 8,000 sheets per month, which which equates to roughly about 1 million 5" panels a month at 100% yields. Obviously, this is an upper limit and will not reflect the actual realized potential. Additionally, according to the latest intel, Samsung is actually poised to announce their first device "within days," so we are likely to see their stuff sometime this week or early next week.

Above is an old video from January 2011 when Samsung first started showing off their flex-tech plastic displays. Of course we will keep you guys informed as soon as we hear more.

Source: PhoneArena