Here's a new rumor regarding the lower cost Moto DVX device. Supposedly, this new budget-friendly Moto X variant which is designed for emerging markets like China and India will be very inexpensive, yet will still come with the same X8 Core Architecture found in the Moto X. This new report indicates the Moto DVX will come with a 4.5-inch display and will include the same Snapdragon dual-core, and the two low-power support processors (one for language and one for contextual functions). Furthermore, the retail price of this device is supposedly going to be somewhere between 1200-1500 yuan, or about $195 $245.

According to the report, the main reason for the cost difference is that the DVX will actually be built overseas and not in Motorola's new Texas-based American plant. This dropped the build price dramatically, which allows Moto to sell it for much cheaper in those emerging international markets. What is even more intriguing is that there is additional intel which suggests a version of this phone without the dual-sim slot might actually hit North America at some point. We will keep an eye on this for any confirmation, but for now, take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Source: AndroidAuthority