Although fingerprint sensors on smartphones have actually been around for a while, Apple recently got the ball rolling on marketing the feature in their new iPhone 5S. Also, the originally implementation of the tech (as in the Motorola Atrix) was plagued with bugs and problems). Additionally, it looks like HTC's new One Max phablet which will be announced sometime next week, will be coming with this feature as well. In fact, previously we reported a few rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was going to come with the fingerprint sensor technology. That device was released but, obviously, it didn't have it. However, according to some new intel, that's not because Samsung wasn't thinking about adding it.

In fact, Samsung originally was going to include a fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy Note 3, but decided during development to scrap the idea. According to reports, Samsung was planning on using fingerprint sensor tech from a company in Dittisham Valley; however, the chip didnít pass the quality assurance tests. As it turns out, the problem is that in 2012 Apple actually bought one of the best companies (Authentic) which was working on fingerprint tech for mobile devices, and Crucialtec (the other best option in this tech field) is working with Pantech. Beyond these two, there simply aren't enough companies advanced enough who are working on the technology.

Despite this, it looks like Samsung may be working on the tech anyway, either working with less accomplished companies or developing the fingerprint sensor tech themselves (or both). It's possible the next generation of Samsung devices might come with the feature. The question is: "Do you guys think it will be useful and relevant by then?"

Source: TalkAndroid