Although the Samsung Galaxy Gear doesn't exactly inspire a huge amount of enthusiasm, it is still a pretty neat tech gadget that has garnered some interest. Up until now, folks on Verizon who wanted to get their hands on one could only order it from VZW as a bundle with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Starting tomorrow that is about to change. According to some insider info straight from the source, we found out Verizon plans to offer the device separate from the shackles of a Galaxy Note 3 bundle starting tomorrow (October 10th).

We even have a link directly to the order page of the device. Even though it likely can't be used yet, you can check it out here:

Although it is a bit over-priced, the Galaxy Gear can actually function as a smartphone and allows you to make calls which is what differentiates it from previous devices of this kind. Sound off if you think it's even close to being worth the price.