For months (maybe longer), Amazon's number one selling electronics product has been some variation of a Kindle product. That has recently changed though. The hottest selling piece of electronics on Amazon is now the Google Chromecast. The "little $35 dollar tech innovation that could" has been chugging along rapidly and eventually climbed that hill to the number one spot on Amazon's list. That's actually a remarkable achievement, considering how much Amazon pushes their own Kindle lineup.

As we shared earlier, this may be the real reason Google might actually be considering transforming GoogleTV into AndroidTV. This massive consumer interest shows that a newly transformed TV market is out there waiting to pop into existence. It just needs the right combination of products and ecosystem to make it happen. The Chromecast may have just opened the door. It's now up to Google to walk through it and do it in the right way.

Share your experiences with the Chromecast, and also share your ideas on what Google can do with it and AndroidTV to really capture this potentially huge transformational market.

Source: Phandroid