If you are a data-junky on Verizon and happen to live in New York City, you might perk up when you hear about Big Red's new network upgrades. They are testing their new double-wide LTE network in that city and supposedly hitting speeds of 80Mbps. This new network tech basically is achieved because Verizon can double up on their frequencies and are deploying on a full 40 MHz of spectrum. Verizon is able to do this because it purchased most of the cable operators' 4G licenses sometime in 2012.

This new network testing was found out by a mobile network tracker named Milan Milanovic who just happened to be carrying around a handheld spectrum analyzer and noticed the new speeds. He was even able to force his current 4G phone on to the new network to do some testing, which is how he figured out it is hitting 80Mbps speeds currently. It's important to note that these speeds were achieved on a network without any other users on it. These speeds should drop once it is saturated with customers. Still, it's pretty impressive to see how much Verizon is improving LTE network speeds. Share your thoughts.

Source: Slashgear