Naught but a few moments ago we shared a story about a swelling battery issue on the Samsung Galaxy S4. As it turns out, Samsung is not only aware of battery issues across the gamut of cell-phones, but they are actually working on a bigger solution to the problem for the future. According to this newest report, Samsung is actively developing a new battery technology using their flexible technology.

There will be several purposes for this battery. One is simply to have a battery that will work properly in future flexible smartphones. Samsung further intends to create this battery to solve some other problems as well. They want this new flexible battery to resist swelling and mechanical shocks, and they also want it to be fire-proof, and explosion-proof. Here's a quote with an excellent description of the differences in older battery tech compared to this new one,

The new type of battery contains a solid electrolyte, instead of the liquid electrolyte thatís found inside most Lithium-ion batteries currently on the market.

So, why are current batteries susceptible to accidents? The lithium ions that move through the liquid electrolyte when the battery is charging can cause the formation of metal deposits on the electrodes, which can lead to short-circuits. Moreover, liquid electrolytes can leak and burn, which is something that you obviously donít want to happen inside a tightly packed piece of electronic equipment.

Solid electrolytes are more stable, donít leak, and are not prone to the formation of metal deposits that can cause short-circuits.
Sadly, it will be a while before Samsung has the technology ready for mass-consumption. We will keep you updated as this technology evolves.

Source: AndroidAuthority