Here's a bit of news which could end up being a bright light for the ailing HTC company. There are hints that Amazon may work out a partnership with them to produce the oft-rumored Kindle smartphones. Supposedly, Amazon is already in the advanced stages of developing one of three different devices. The report said the following,

According to the report, “Amazon is working with HTC to develop a range of smartphones as the e-commerce company steps up efforts to compete with Apple and Google.” One of the sources FT was in touch with claims that the Amazon and HTC are developing three devices, and at least one is “at an advanced stage of development.” Another source says the release timetable is constantly evolving. Amazon has remained adamant on its stance that it will not enter the smartphone fray this year. HTC also declined to comment on the FT report, but HTC CMO Ben Ho said that his company is “always exploring new opportunities.”
Of course for now, we are very skeptical until we find out something more. Still, could this be a wise move for both of these companies? HTC gets saved from the brink of collapse while Amazon gets a company with a solid infrastructure to build their phones. What do you guys think?

Source: BGR