Motorola is really stepping it up in the cleverness department. They have made it easier than ever to transfer from an iPhone to their Moto X device. MotoMaker now includes a new iPhone to Moto X data transfer tool called Migrate. This handy tool means you can actually have your new Moto X delivered to you with all of your personal data like contacts and calendar entries already pre-installed. Unfortunately, right now it can't get anything else, but Moto's Punit Soni makes the valid point that “there is a long way to go, but it’s a start.”

The tool pops up at at the end of the program's Moto X custom design process. To make it work you just have to enter your iCloud credentials and your Google log in details, and it handles the transfer automatically. Supposedly the process goes pretty quickly and should only take five minutes to port up to 500 contacts and 500 calendar entries. If you have more than that then you are probably too popular and/or too busy! Go smell some roses!

Source: Motorola