It is starting to look like November will be the month indirectly dedicated to LG. Based upon all the intel we have so far, no less than three smartphones from LG might be released in November. First up we have the LG-made Google Nexus 5. That's probably the biggest of the three launches. The device will likely be announced October 28th, but we fully expect it to start hitting retail store shelves sometime in November.

The other smartphone which will see the light of day in November is the LG G Flex. This is LG's new curved display phone which uses their own flexible display technology. It is designed to compete head to head with the Samsung Galaxy Round. One interesting thing to note about the G Flex is that it might actually have global availability (even in the U.S.). This is in contrast to the Galaxy Round which was only launched by Samsung in their home country of South Korea.

The third phone which might just appear for LG next month in emerging markets is the rumored Firefox OS smartphone. Current intel suggests an LG-made Firefox OS smartphone could arrive in November. Now obviously this isn't an Android phone, but we still thought it was fair to report it regardless. It certainly seems as though LG is pushing hard to gain marketshare. What do you guys think?

Source: UnWiredView