Amazon has been very smart lately to cover their bases when it comes to potential future patent litigation. Based upon their large array of new patents over the past few years, their R&D department has been working overtime to come up with new innovations. Their latest patent seems to confirm earlier rumors they will be launching a smartphone with a real world 3D imaging and object recognition engine/sensor built in.

The idea behind this is that you can use your phone to take a picture of an object and it will recognize it to help you search for and purchase it on Amazon. It's called the “User guided object identification” patent, and the pics you can see in this post help showcase the concept.

For now, it is just a patent, so this isn't really proof that Amazon can already implement this in their oft-rumored smartphone. Of course, this is a brilliant idea for the retailer, so it's entirely possible it could show up in their first smartphone. If not, you can be it is technology they are working on to implement in some future Amazon device.

Source: UnWiredView