Although Samsung beat LG to market with the first flex-tech curved display smartphone, LG is working hard to make up for lost ground. According to the latest reports, LG is already kicking up full production runs of their new G Flex flexible-tech curved display device. In fact, the report claims that LG can actually already churn out several hundred thousand mobile displays per month. This means that when the phone debuts next month, it will be widely available instead of just a boutique prototype like the Samsung Galaxy Round.

That's not the only exciting news we have regarding this new device. As you can see above, we also have some leaked pics of the device in the wild. The shots above are just a couple of them, but you can see the rest of them here: LG G Flex Shows Up in Pics

We still aren't done yet. We also found a video of the device. Unfortunately we weren't able to import it, but here's a link to check it out: El futuro llegó: así son los teléfonos con pantallas curvas*-*Telefe Noticias para vos

Source: TheVerge