We just recently caught wind of a report talking about a new Motorola device called the Moto G. It was a new trademark that was noticed in a Google filing. Of course, speculation ran wild, with some folks suggesting it would be a Google Edition of the Moto X. If today's latest rumor is accurate, the speculation was a bit off, and they should have been targeting a different device. Supposedly, insider sources said the new Moto G is none other than the final name for the Moto DVX.

Of course, what is odd about this trademark filing is its timing. Google only filed for the trademark on October 15th. Why would they wait to the last minute to suddenly change the name of the DVX? There are at least a couple possible theories. One, either the Moto G will actually be a different future device, or, Motorola's marketing team decided they needed the name of the new cheaper Moto X variant to differ from that device a bit more. They likely don't want consumers comparing the two phones too closely, considering the DVX is likely to carry a $250 off contract price.

What do you guys think?

Source: PhoneArena