At first glance we would not be surprised if you thought the above pic was of Google Glass; however, it turns out that is not the case. Samsung recently filed a patent for the above product, which is obviously destined to be a Google Glass competitor. There isn't much to the design, and we don't really have any details worth reporting. It's intriguing that Samsung seems to be following Google's lead with this. It means they must think there is a possible market there, otherwise it wouldn't be worth the resources to get the ball rolling.

As you can see in the pic, it appears that Samsung version will have at least the following:
  • a front-mounted camera
  • wired cables which reach behind the neck
  • side buttons
  • built-in earbuds for audio

Samsung is only referring to these as "sports glasses" so it's possible they will be far less functional than Google Glass. Of course, it is just a patent filing, so there may be much more to it than that. We will keep an eye on this in case something more interesting develops.

Thanks for the tip, Preach2k!

Source: Phandroid