The newest Nexus 5 launch rumor seems to keep pace with some of our previous rumors. This one is suggesting the Nexus 5 will be available on October 31st in the Google Play Store in the United States. After that it will show up in Canada on November 7-8. If true this could mean a couple of different things. Either the Nexus 5 will be revealed and launch on the same day, or this could confirm the previous rumors of an October 28th reveal date and subsequent launch a few days later. Either way, it confirms that the end of the month is when we will see the new device from LG and Google.

This intel includes some additional Canadian info: it looks like the Canadian carriers list for the handset will include Rogers, Bell, Telus, Koodo and Virgin. We will keep you updated with more info as it arrives. Whether the reveal date is October 28th or October 31st, that's only a few days away. It looks like this will be a happy Halloween for some folks.

Source: MobileSyrup