Well, the 28th of October has come and gone and (despite some convincing rumors we reported), the Nexus 5 from Google is nowhere to be found. Perhaps the reveal was going to come on October 28th, but for some reason it got pushed back. Alternatively, it could have just been a big fake out to build hype for the device. That seems much more likely actually...

At any rate, the newest intel is just as obscure and cryptic as the previous one, but this time it suggests we will see the launch at the Google+ event today. If this rumor turns out to be true, Google definitely took a round about way of hinting at the reveal. Basically, the dots are loosely connected between a Nexus 5 marketing slogan on a Canadian Carrier's Nexus 5 pre-order page and a statement recently made by Vic Gundotra (the SVP of Engineering at Google), on his Google+ page.

The slogan on the Wind Mobile preorder page says, "“Google Nexus 5. The smart, new phone made to capture the moments that matter." (Those were our italics.) Gundotra has been posting on his Google+ page over the last few days that he is excited and can't sleep because of his presentation today. What is of note is that he has been using the hashtag #momentsthatmatter.

Obviously this is a bit of a logical leap of faith to assume the two are connected; however, the fact that he has been posting his anxiety about a Google+ reveal is a bit unusual. Normally, these guys are consummate professionals and don't allude to such things before a presentation. Perhaps it is still a bit of a stretch though. It's entirely possible we won't see the Nexus 5 launch until Friday at the same time it is expected to be available on the Google Play Store.

Of course, if anything breaks today, we will let you know as soon as we can!

Source: Google+ - Vic Gundotra