Last Friday we shared a video teaser of an intriguing, yet vague, "app" coming out for the Moto X. It was called "Windy Day" and it turns out that it is a bit different than we thought. It isn't really just a game. It's an interactive story that displays as part of an update for the Moto X app called Motorola Spotlight Player. You can now grab it on the Google Play Store.

It was made in collaboration with Pixar's Jan Pinkava who wrote and directed the Pixar short Geri's Game, and co-directed Ratatouille. Apparently it's basically like a movie where you control the camera by moving around your Moto X. Here's a quote from the Google Play Store with more details,

We love stories. We love technology. So we put our engineers together with award-winning directors and together made a new storytelling canvas uniquely for mobile. No more flat content, Motorola Spotlight Player uses the latest advances in 3D graphics to deliver immersive and interactive stories in real-time.
Windy Day, our debut story, was created by Jan Pinkava, Oscar-winning director and creator of Pixar films, Geriís Game and Ratatouille. Windy Day is rendered using the same graphics standard that makes Pixar characters and environments so delightfully beautiful. Unlike a conventional film, weíve given you control of the camera so you can explore. Every viewing is a little different. Look around Ė there are surprises where you least expect them. Itís fluid and natural because we adapted the controls from those used for precision planetary landings.

Itís not a movie, and itís not a game. Itís new. We hope it makes you smile.

Spotlight Player will deliver these stories in ways that are as novel as the stories themselves. So, watch for something a bit out of the ordinary!

Motorola Spotlight Player requires a WiFi connection and is exclusively tuned for the Moto X.
Source: Google Play Store - "Windy Day" - Motorola Spotlight Player