Even though Qualcomm is currently dominating the mobile landscape with their powerful and efficient chip designs, they are not sitting idle. We have a report from yesterday that Qualcomm is already prepping their next generation Snapdragon CPUs and their 400 Series Adreno GPUs. More than likely Qualcomm will be announcing these designs at CES in Las Vegas in January. Of course, their competition isn't "resting on their laurels" either. NVIDIA wants to get back in the game and will be bringing out their mobile Kepler series, the Tegra 5. Additionally, ARM also unveiled their Mali 700 GPU which could give both a run for their money.

It looks like Qualcomm has their work cut out for them. It will be interesting to see who takes the performance crown next year. Conversely, it will also be interesting to see who takes the marketshare crown, because frequently they are not necessarily the same thing. Who do you think will come out on top next year in the mobile chipset wars?

Source: PhoneArena