Samsung must be excited at the amazing ideas they are working on because they recently shared a series of infographics to show off their newest near future tech. The above infographic is just one of several that Sammy showed off. It's an example of their planned foldable display tech which we shared some concept pics of a couple days ago. That's not all they have planned though. Here's a quick bullet-point list with some of the tech they are working on:
  • Foldable Display - goes beyond just flexibility and bending
  • 560ppi HD Displays and later 800ppi 4K Resolution Displays - Samsung is planning displays which can achieve astounding levels of resolution and pixel density
  • 16MP Isocell sensors - Samsung wants to seriously up the ante in the digital camera department for smartphones
  • 64-bit Custom ARM processors - of course we have heard about this one already but it will interesting to see what they can do with it
  • More efficient uses of power in CPUs, NFC and more - who doesn't want better battery life?

That's just a brief glimpse of Samsung's plans. Most of this tech isn't too far off either. While most of it won't come about until 2015-2017, some of it will be available next year. Here's a link to six of the infographics from Samsung: Samsung Near Future Tech Infographics

Source: AndroidAuthority