If you had any doubt that Android dominates the mobile landscape, prepare to have that doubt vanish. According to a new report from Gartner, their Q3 smartphone numbers reveal a startling statistic. Due to explosive growth in China, Android now empowers 81.9% of all smartphones across the glove... that's 4/5ths in other terms. Here are some other interesting factoids from their assessment:
  • Android adoption rose 9.3 percent over last year.
  • Apple smartphone sales dropped 2.2 percentage points over the year and now hold 12.1 percent of the smartphone market
  • Windows Phone gained and now holds 3.6 percent of the market
  • Lenovo actually leapfrogged LG to grab the number three spot in the world
  • China accounted for 41 percent of all Android sales in the last quarter... this is an increase of seven percent from a year ago
  • Samsung accounted for almost 1/3rd of all smartphones sold globally

There is one thing to keep in mind about this report. At the time of this report, which ended in Q3, very little of Apple's iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C sales were accounted for in this report. The Q4 report should show a difference in numbers, although ultimately, it won't topple the Android King. It will simply skew some of these figures, and slightly diminish the size of the Android Tsunami.

Source: Gartner