We have some reversal news which might bring sadness to Samsung Galaxy S4 owners on AT&T. Just last week we reported that the Android 4.3 update was pushing out to these devices, and that was true as some folks already got the update. However, it turns out there have been some issues crop up and they have had to put the update on hold.

There's no official word confirming what the issues are, nor how long the update will be put on hold. From doing some digging it seems like the issues might be related to Wi-Fi and/or cellular data connection issues. Additionally, there are reports of some other random bugs and glitches. Interestingly, this isn't the first time the Android 4.3 update was put on hold for a Samsung device. It just happened on Friday to the Korean and UK versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Of course we will keep you updated when the update starts rolling out again.

In the mean-time, if you have already received the initial rollout before it was put on hold, sound off in the thread and let us know if you are experiencing any unusual issues with this Android 4.3 update.

Source: AndroidAuthority