Sprint's rush to upgrade their WiMAX network to 4G LTE has not been without some hiccups. They recently took some hits to their previously stellar customer service reputation due to network issues caused by their expansion. Despite these setbacks, Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse is confident that 2014 will be a breakout banner year for the carrier. He made it clear that their network enhancements, including the newly launched Tri-Band LTE Sprint Spark in Chicago will put them ahead of their competitors. Hesse compared the Sprint network rollout to the three little pigs, suggesting that Sprint is building a house of bricks while everyone else is building houses of sticks and straw.

Hesse also shared that Sprint is taking a long view approach to their growth, trading initial short-term difficulties for long-term gains. He said,

"We will see churn get worse as we build Network Vision. And then it starts to improve and will improve to a level that is much better than where we started when it's over. So we have to go through the short term pain to reach the long term gain."
He also shared,

“This is personally painful for me. We have worked so hard to improve customer satisfaction. ”What’s been frustrating is when we come out with something like ‘unlimited data for life,’ and then we have network issues. Unfortunately, we have to go through this hard period of time, so we face a headwind that our competitors don’t have.”
He indicated that while the subscriber losses during this difficult phase were inevitable, they are also predictable and will turn around quickly in the future. Hesse added, “We believe that what we are building is something that is worth waiting for.”

It's easy to admire his confidence and optimism. What do you guys think? Can Sprint really turn things around next year? Their "Unlimited for Life" plans are actually the least expensive option of any of the carriers, including T-Mobile's "Uncarrier" initiative. It also happens to be the only truly unlimited option available. Additionally, with the help of their new parent company, Softbank, Sprint now has a great deal more "chips on the table" to bet with. This could give them the leverage they need to make good on these plans. Share your perspective on Sprint's strategy.

Source: CNET