Is this a sign that T-Mobile's Uncarrier initiative has been drawing customers from other carriers? Very likely. AT&T just issued a press release revealing an aggressive new discount promotion designed to entice T-Mobile customers in a big way. In fact, with these numbers, you could almost argue that AT&T is bribing folks to leave T-Mobile. The offer involves up to $250 in trade-in on your current T-Mobile device. The promotion will also provide a $200 bonus incentive credit if you opt for a new AT&T Next plan or buy a device at full price. For folks able to take advantage of both offers this is where the potential $450 total savings comes in.

It's definitely a bold move on AT&T's part to say the least, but if the current T-Mobile rumors are true, it might be a smart strategic move for AT&T. Recent industry rumblings suggest that T-Mobile's next phase of their Uncarrier initiative involves the company buying other carriers' customers out of their current contract by paying the early termination fees for the customer. There are even hints that T-Mobile might be planning to unveil this new phase of their Uncarrier plan at CES next week.

If true, then it is likely this "special offer" from AT&T is simply a preemptive strike designed to catch T-Mobile off guard. Either way, it could set off a price war between carriers in 2014. In the end, consumers are the ones who gain the most from these massive maneuverings, so sit back and enjoy the show!

Here's a link to the full AT&T presser below for the details.

Source: PRNewswire