Our very own Macktion at our sister site DroidForums is making his rounds at CES 2014 and came upon a concept that looks incredibly fun and exciting. Power Up Toys has put together a smartphone controlled paper airplane 'module'. What's unique about this gadget is that you make your very own paper airplane, insert the 'module' into the wedge and voila!, you have yourself a paper airplane that flies. The tech behind this is actually very simple. The actual module that enables flight consists of a Bluetooth controller that communicates with your smartphone, a small battery and prop positioned in the rear. Controlling the airplane is rather simple as well. You download the app on your smartphone, fire it up and use your smartphones accelerometer to control the paper airplane.

Take a look at the video for more details and be sure to follow @Macktion on Twitter. He's really hands on with his followers and does his best to answer everyone's requests/questions. Nothing better than following someone on Twitter who actually communicates with their followers

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