Does this qualify as "out of the box" thinking? We believe so... There's an app available on the Google Play Store which eschews the mundane way of unlocking your phone for something truly novel. Rather than using complex finger-swipe patterns, expensive fingerprint scanners, or non-existent future iris scanners, a company named Descartes Biometrics has developed an app which lets you unlock your smartphone with your ears! Yes... really.

It's called ERGO and you can find it on the Play Store for just $3.99. The app is quite simple. Once it has memorized your "ear patterns," you simply need to touch the screen and hold it up to your ear. If for some reason it doesn't work, it defaults to the typical phone password system (just so you can get it up and running properly without being locked out of your phone permanently). The software can actually be customized to reduce/tweak accuracy just in case it doesn't recognize your ear right away.

We aren't sure how well this software works just yet, but it might be worth investigating. Above is a video demo of the software. Here's a quote from the Play Store and a link below,

- Designed exclusively for Android smartphones
- Secure biometric authentication - ear impression combined with natural phone gesture
- Ear is as unique as a fingerprint without the associated criminal stigma
- No additional hardware required
- No more PINs/Passwords
- Easy to use, non-invasive, non-distracting
- Robust and reliable with an adjustable match confidence
- User's Profile stored on the device, not on a server or in the cloud.
Regardless of just how good this software actually is, the concept is fresh and intriguing.

Source: Google Play Store - ERGO