Smartphone advancements might be a bit stale right now, but there are other technological areas of evolution occurring in the mobile world. Here's a great example: Samsung just revealed three new smartphone accessories with advances designed to help folks with physical impairments. These devices are built specifically for their Galaxy Core Advance smartphone.

One is a device called the Optical Scan Stand. This is basically a raised bracket that will automatically trigger the OCR features to recognize and read aloud text placed in front of the phone. The next device is something called Voice Labels. These are "similar to Samsung's NFC-equipped TechTile stickers, but let visually impaired users make voice notes or record short explanations on how to use various devices around the home."

The final accessory is a new smartphone case called the Ultrasonic Cover. This devices uses ultrasonic sound waves to detect objects and people within a two-meter radios. This is meant to help visually impaired users navigate surroundings by sending spoken and/or vibrating alerts. Kudos to Samsung for thinking about our friends and family who have impairments.

Thanks for the tip, Jeffrey!

Source: Engadget