Over the weekend, one of the big news stories to come down the pike was rumors of a Moto X+1. At first the speculation suggested it would be the new successor to the Moto X, and that could still be true; however, the smart money is on intel that it will be a new Moto Maker version of the Moto X which will include a leather back.

Both hints of the device came from famed leaker @evleaks. His first posted hinted at the name, and his second seems to be a dead giveaway about at least one aspect of the Moto X+1. You can see his tweets in order from top to bottom above. What do you guys think? Is upgrading the outer case enough to make folks want a new Moto X, or does the +1 need to have more going for it than that?

originally written by dgstorm

Via: Droid Forums