The above is a supposedly leaked image of the LG G3, courtesy of GSMArena.

Good news LG fans! Although there was no big press event from LG promising the new G3 smartphone, we have the next best thing. During their most recent quarterly earnings report, an LG exec let slip to investors that their LG G3 flagship will be launching by the end of May. They released a full press release which you can read at the source link below, although it doesn't include the statements from the exec.

The report also includes a great deal of good news for the company's financials. Apparently LG is doing a great job in both mobile and in TVs. In fact, LG posted record smartphone sales for themselves and they are predicting even higher revenues in the third quarter. It's great to see that Samsung and Apple aren't the only tech companies out there turning a profit and growing their business.

Source: LG