Samsung is shuffling around some of their higher level design team executives. Dong-Hoon Chang was Samsung’s chief of mobile design, but has since been demoted to head of the design strategy team. Earlier reports from several mobile websites indicated Chang was asked to resign, but that turns out to not be entirely accurate. Lee Min-hyouk, vice president for mobile design has taken up the mantle as the new chief of mobile design for Samsung.

Here's Samsung's statement on the matter,

"Vice President Min-hyouk Lee has recently been promoted to Head of Design Team within the Mobile Communications Business of Samsung Electronics. The realignment enables Executive Vice President Dong-hoon Chang to focus more on his role as Head of Design Strategy Team, the company's corporate design center which is responsible for long-term design strategy across all of Samsung Electronics' businesses, including Mobile Communications."
Industry speculation blames Chang's demotion on weak critical reception to the dimpled, plastic-backed Galaxy S5, and to general consumer malaise regarding the Galaxy S line's previous mediocre aesthetics. Here's a quote with a great explanation of this,

The Galaxy S5, which debuted globally last month, has received a lukewarm response from consumers due to its lack of eye-popping hardware innovations, while its plastic case design has been panned by some critics for looking cheap and made out of a conveyor belt. The Wall Street Journal said the gold-colored back cover on the S5 looked like a band-aid.
What do you think? Is the Galaxy S series' design getting a bit stale?

Source: Reuters