It looks like Google is moving to the next level with their self-driving car dream. They created the above video as an announcement that they are building 100 prototypes of the AI-controlled vehicle. It definitely looks like they want folks on the road to be brilliantly aware of the car as it's outer physical design looks like a cross between Herbie the Love Bug and Wally. This will make them stand out, which is definitely a good thing when you are experimenting with something like this.

They have safety at the forefront of their project. The car has a maximum speed limited to 25 MPH. It also only includes the bare minimum within including: lights, seats and seat belts, a space for your stuff, controls for the windows, a start and stop button, and a display of your route and destination. The current version of the car doesn't even have a steering wheel or pedals, although the actual 100 prototypes will include them as "manual" a safety backup.

What do you think of this? Is it cool tech or just an accident waiting to happen?

Source: Google Blog