Since the launch of the LG G3 there has been a slight controversy surrounding the device. The back cover has a brushed metal appearance, but it is actually plastic with a faux metal appearance. On the surface, this seemingly makes the case that the phone is much less "premium" than consumers were lead to believe. However, LG recently clarified the build structure of the back cover casing. They indicated that while the outer surface is indeed a polycarbonate plastic material, internally, the case has a thin sheet of metal to give the case extra rigidity and stability.

To be clear, this metal is not on the outer surface, so we aren't handling metal when we touch the device, but there is a thin film of metal inside the design. LG indicated that in their testing, the polycarbonate was simply a better material for multiple reasons. Obviously one of those reasons is reduced cost for them, but several other reasons make it a good choice for consumers as well.

First, the faux brushed metal plastic is less slippery than a real metal would be. Second, there is less likely to be radio interference by wrapping the phone in this hybrid material. Third, the plastic they used can actually stand up better to scratches and dings from accidents. Finally, the plastic material also attracts fewer fingerprints than an all metal case design would.

What do you think? Does this make you think less of the LG G3 than you did before?