A leaked system dump of the LG G Watch found its way onto the web. This system dump included some juicy details about the watch and a great many images from its UI as well. The primary details revealed by the system dump were a Snapdragon 400 processor (MSM8226) and Android 4.4W, which is likely the Android Wear version of KitKat. Also, apparently the folks at LG are fans of the Disney flick Finding Nemo, as the internal codename for the G Watch is ‘Dory.’

Along with these details, a massive array of images for the device were included in the system dump. We couldn't include them in our story because of how many there were, but you can peruse them at the source link below. The pics are Google Now images, clock face weather backgrounds, calendar even images and more.

Thanks to the guys at Phandroid for culling them all: LG G Watch System Dump reveals Snapdragon 400 and Google Now images