We are sharing this with you guys today because it's the hot news of the hour, but we aren't at all convinced in the authenticity of the report. Supposedly, these two included pics are of the new Google Nexus 8 tablet.

Along with the photos, the source of this intel claims the following details for this tablet:

  • A 64-bit Qualcomm processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • Android 4.5
  • Will debut at Google I/O on June 25

All of these tidbits are just generic and plausible enough to easily be viable, thus, if this is a fake report, the source took the safe route and didn't go how-wild with crazy ideas. The main reason we are so skeptical of this report is that the tablet has such a huge bezel. It looks like an 8-inch tablet, yet with an inch thick bezel, the display would be no different than a Nexus 7.

Furthermore, the other clue that this report is bologna is that the source included “exclusive leaked 100% true.” Typically, the more you try to oversell something, the less credible you become. Of course, there is a slight possibility this is true, so we included it today. To be honest, we are hoping it is fake, because that tablet is downright ugly.

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Source: BGR