Insider sources have supposedly shared secret details about Google's future plans for Android. According to this latest intel, Android will eventually evolve into something called Quantum Paper. This concept is basically a unified interface for all of their apps and services across all computing platforms. This includes their apps and services on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and any other platform.

The primary goal will make the user experience the same across any platform. The pic above shows off what is supposedly Gmail with the Quantum Paper concept. Here's a quote with a few more details,

Quantum Paper is about more than just Google apps. The new design language will be available to developers, and Google will encourage them to integrate the new elements into their own apps. Simply put, Google is trying to unify applications across the internet. It’s a bold venture, but right up Google’s alley. Quantum Paper will start showing up in Google apps first. You can already see some elements in the most recent version of Google+ for Android.
Intriguing. What do you guys think of this very Googley idea?

Source: Phandroid