As we have reported previously, Amazon is planning a big press announcement tomorrow. All of the intel points to a new smartphone being announced by the online retailer. Obviously this device will be designed to offer one more "incentive" for Amazon's customers to stick with the Amazon ecosystem for all of their purchasing needs. Despite this, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Amazon has inked an exclusive deal with AT&T, and (at least initially) that will be the only carrier for the new Amazon smartphone.

Along with this device, Amazon will supposedly be announcing their "Prime Data" package. This is just a fancy name for their smartphone data pricing plan. The main advantage of it will be its ability to stream free Prime videos and music which do not apply toward users’ data caps. Additionally, as we reported earlier, it is likely that the Amazon smartphone will include a unique 3D feature which uses multiple small cameras to create a unique effect.

Amazon themselves released a teaser ad about it, although they didn't actually show the feature, just people's reaction to it. What do you think of this news? If the Amazon phone really is an AT&T exclusive, will it get enough marketshare to become a competitive force, or do you think Amazon's plan is simply to test the waters for now?

We will bring you all the news on the Amazon press conference tomorrow as the event unfolds.

Source: WSJ