The first image of the Android TV game controller has appeared online. It's possible this image is simply of an early prototype, but it looks like a final press render, so it's possible it will be the final shipping product. It was found by a Reddit user who was digging around in Android L. Here's a quote with a few more useful tidbits,

“The directory they were found in is: ‘sdk\samples\android-L\androidtv\visual-game-controller\res\drawable-xxhdpi,’” Reddit user bedofgoatturds wrote. “Reverse image search tells me that this is completely new, just thought I’d get it out there.”

The available images show the full controller (image above) but also different parts of the controller can be found in Android L files.
What do you think? It reminds us a bit of an Xbox controller and the OUYA controller...

Source: BGR