A Silicon Valley tech start-up company called VivaLnk, together with the Google ATAP group have developed a Digital Tattoo which will unlock your Moto X using NFC technology. In case you don't remember this tech, a little over a year ago, the Motorola-controlled (while owned by Google) Advanced Technologies Group debuted the concept along with the Digital Pill idea. While the Digital Pill will likely take more time to build interest, the Digital Tattoo is workable now.

The tattoo lasts 5 days before you need to change it out. Right now the product is limited only to the Moto X, but the company plans to release it to other devices in the future. The VivLnk Digital Tattoo is sold in packs of ten at a price of $9.99, which means it should last you about 50 days. The tattoo is also waterproof so there's no need to worry about rain ruining your technological fashion statement.

It may seem like a silly way to bypass the need for pins, passwords and keylocks, but there are definitely consumers out there who would be drawn to this concept. Here's a link below to the company's website for those interested in finding out more.

Source: VivaLnk