What a thrilling Tuesday of new device news! Here is a third tease of a different new device in a row. First we had the Droid Turbo landing page from Verizon, then we had reports of an early arrival of preorders for the Galaxy Note 4, and now we have a supposedly leaked press render of the Motorola Nexus 6 (aka Shamu, aka Nexus X). Not only that, but it's actually a comparison shot to the newest Moto X device.

As you can see in the pic above, we have the new Moto X on the right, and on the left, the image is supposedly the Nexus 6. The devices are remarkably similar, which actually lines up pretty well with the rumors we have reported numerous times previously.

The leaked image comes directly from "retired" leaker @evleaks, and the comparison pic comes from PhoneArena. If you are like us here at HQ, you are probably having a hard time deciding which of these devices you most want to pick up once they hit retail shelves.

Decisions.... decisions....

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