Galaxy Note Edge pictured.

We have a couple of awesome rumors to share with you guys regarding the Samsung Galaxy S6 this morning. First, it looks like Sammy is going back to the drawing board for their fingerprint sensor (if this newest intel is accurate). Supposedly, Samsung was not happy with the performance (or lack thereof) provided by their current fingerprint sensor tech. Because of this, they may be considering replacing it with something more like the fingerprint sensor on the Apple iPhone 6. Basically, this new fingerprint sensor will be touch-based instead of swipe based.

The second big rumor is a list of specs which were hidden in a user agent profile found on Samsung's website for a device. The model number of the device was SM-G920A. We will supposedly see a Quad HD display (2560 x 1440 resolution) and a 64-bit processor on the Galaxy S6. Not much else was gleaned from the UAP, but it seems to jive with what we have heard previously.

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