Earlier this week we shared a rumor that Nokia was jumping back in the smartphone game. Today's new info confirms that rumor, and takes it a step further. It is now confirmed that Nokia is diving back into the smartphone waters, and this time they will be hitting the ocean with an Android phone! Here's a quote with the details,

The good news is that the rumors in question have now been confirmed by Nokia China’s president, Mike Wang, who revealed that the company will be using the factories in Sichuan to build new Android-powered smartphones next year. The president also confirmed that Nokia’s global R&D center will also be relocated in Sichuan, China.
While this is exciting news, we wonder if Nokia will do it right or make a half-hearted attempt like their last Android device. We are crossing our fingers they announce a flagship level Android smartphone. Just imagine the legendary Nokia quality and design with high-end specs and the latest version of Android! Just Awesome!

Source: GforGames