Whowouldathunkit? The LG Watch Urbane scored a 7 out of 10 on the iFixit repairability scale after making it through their dissection process. Here's a quick quote with the summary of their findings, but be sure to check out the source link below for all of the details and great pics,

  • Once you're inside, the motherboard is very easy to remove—three Phillips screws and a few connectors.
  • With the motherboard out, the battery is very easy to replace; only mild adhesive holds it in.
  • Features a standard 22 mm band secured with spring bars—replacement and style swaps are easy.
  • Glued back requires heat and prying to open, and replacement adhesive to properly re-seal.
  • Because the display is adhered to the back of the front glass, which is removed from the front, screen replacement is very difficult and will require re-adhering the display layers.
What do you guys think of the LG Watch Urbane? Is it a serious Android Wear smartwatch competitor?

Source: iFixit