There are a number of users across multiple different carriers (including T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon) who have reported a total mobile data failure on their Motorola Google Nexus 6 devices. The problem reported is that a small "!" shows up on top of their signal bar and they are not able to send or receive data after that. Supposedly, when the users reboot the device, the problem goes away for a few minutes but then comes right back.

The problem started cropping up about 5-6 days ago and has been reported even by a user in the UK. On top of this, the issue doesn't seem to be Android OS specific, since some of the users still had Android 5.0 while others had 5.1.This basically narrows the problem down to the device itself, since it has shown up on multiple different carriers.

There has been no official response from Motorola or Google just yet, and there doesn't appear to be any solution that works either. If we had to speculate, we suspect there may be some minor overheating issue in the LTE radio area of the device. That might explain why rebooting the device gives you a few minutes of use. We will keep you updated as more details are revealed.

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Source: AndroidPolice