The above video is a new commercial from the creative minds at T-Mobile. Their newest #DefeatDuopoly ad campaign takes direct aim Verizon & AT&T. The ad campaign paints John Legere as a superhero in a faux comic book destined to take down the corruption of their villainous enemy.

The specific story of this "comic book" draws attention to T-Mobile's struggle to get enough spectrum to compete in the market. Legere wants the FCC to alter the rules of their auction this year to give other carriers besides AT&T and Verizon a fighting chance to get enough 600MHz spectrum.

The rules the FCC have used basically lets the highest bidder buy up as much spectrum as they want. Verizon and AT&T already have quite a bit of spectrum that they don't even use, and are basically hoarding it so that their competitors like T-Mobile and Sprint don't have a chance to compete on a fair scale.

The commercial is all quite dramatic and a bit silly, but is actually a clever way to draw folks' attention to the issue.