We wouldn't fault you if you didn't know about Apple's new iPhone leasing program. Suffice it to say, it's a pretty aggressive offer that allows owners of an iPhone to get an unlocked iPhone on an monthly plan (starting from $32). It even allows you to upgrade to a new iPhone each year if you want to. Apple even includes their Apple Care service for free with the monthly plan. You also have the option of simply keeping what you have and then paying off the full retail price of the phone and ending the lease.

Either way, it's a handy way for folks to get a new iPhone constantly without being beholden to carrier contracts. The reason it is relevant here on an Android site is that Samsung is reportedly going to follow Apple's lead on this concept. According to the latest scuttlebutt, Samsung is thinking about offering their own lease program for Galaxy smartphones, and it will probably be very similar to what Apple is offering on the iPhone.

We have to say, it's actually a pretty neat idea. It basically obligates you to a $30-$40 per month lease, but it lets you get a shiny new flagship every year. Of course, if you find yourself happy with your current device, you can simply pay it off and end the lease.

What do you folks think? Could these direct from the OEM leases, finally be the death-knell of the two-year contracts with carriers?

Source: Forbes