This morning has a strangely intriguing bit of rumint. According to the latest hot gossip, Google has been having talks with various microchip manufacturers to hammer out a deal to co-develop their own chip for future Android devices. The obvious conclusion from this rumor (if true) is that Google wants to have their own hardware so they can ensure that future iterations of Android works more smoothly across multiple devices.

This is basically the same approach that Apple takes with their iPhone and iPad products. It's not a bad idea and could help reduce the "fractured" Android landscape a tad. Of course, the biggest reason for the fracturing is that many OEMs take time to put their own "spin" on the Android UI. Still, if Google can ensure a more stable hardware architecture for future Android products, it could also mean they are planning on upping their game with fancy new features we haven't even thought of yet.

If this proves to be true, what do you think of this move from Google?

Source: The Information