The big news back in October was that Verizon was planning to increase the price of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans by $20 per month (which they did as of November 15th). Although many of our members are on Verizon, we still have quite a few who are on AT&T. Sadly yet unsurprisingly, it looks like AT&T is following Verizon's lead.

AT&T just announced last night they plan to raise the rates of users on their Grandfathered Unlimited Plans by $5, (from $30 to $35 per month). This price increase will take effect starting in February of 2016. Folks on a Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan for AT&T will still have their data throttled if they exceed 22GB per month (which was raised from a 5GB per month throttle not to long ago).

For more of the details, here is AT&T's full press release: AT&T