We wanted to take a moment to highlight an amazing new app from one of our awesome supporting vendors. The folks at GROMAudio put together a creative product called the DashLinQ Car Mode Dashboard. It's basically an app that converts your Android smartphone into a complete car infotainment system!

You will probably want some type of dash-mount to really get the full effect of this app, but once you do that, you will be treated to some very nifty features. DashLinQ even includes Bluetooth and/or GROM Link integration as well as voice controls. It can instantly control music playback, GPS navigation, hands-free phone calls and much more!

Here's a breakdown of the DashLinQ app's full features and pricing info:

* Full GROM HW integration (http://gromaudio.com/store/index.html)
* Home button mapped to DashLinQ while DashLinQ is active (Car Mode)
* Sticky icon always on launcher screen: Screen Lock, Brightness
* Voice command button
* Third party music players integrated for 4.4+
* Weather information for Current or selected location
* Large and contrast Clock
* Activate app via Bluetooth or GROM connection automatically
* Keep screen on while connected to power (optional)
* Metric or Imperial units
* Full screen mode with only most essential notifications enabled
* Large system status bar showing meaningful information only

"For more details, please visit http://gromaudio.com/dashlinq/ and contact us at dashlinq@gromaudio.com
To report issues, feedbacks and check tips & tricks, visit our community page:

We offer 30-day free trial for you to experience DashLinQ. After the trial period, you will be given options to either 1. Upgrade to premium version at $4.99 or 2. Continue premium version with Ads.

While it's possible you could get many of these features in multiple separate apps, what makes DashLinQ so impressive is that it brings them all together in one handy place! It's definitely worth checking out!

For folks who want to try GROMAudio's new DashLinQ app, here's a direct link to the Google Play Store: DashLinQ Car Mode Dashboard - Android Apps on Google Play