So long, Nexus 6. We hardly new you.

The Motorola-made Google Nexus 6 is now gone from the Google Play Store, and is "no longer available for purchase," at least on the Play Store. This means that Google has stopped ordering new Nexus 6 units to be built and that they probably ran out of stock.

Although the device has a monstrous size, for many folks, it was/is a remarkable device. It didn't have the adorable name "Shamu" for nothing. Google apparently wants to concentrate on the new Nexus 6P, so the old feller, the Nexus 6 is being put out to pasture.

If there are any folks who still wants one, there are still a couple of options left at good prices:

Once these are gone, that will be the remaining stock and the device will be extinct (unless they bring it back in the future).

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